Mellor and Scott Seminars

We are extremely excited to be able to offer members of Mellor and Scott Local Business Association the opportunity to attend some informative seminars, hosted by members of their Chapters!
We are pleased to be able to provide our members with the opportunity of connecting and growing at one of our sponsored information seminars.  
And we are truly appreciative about the support we have received in putting together these seminars - right from within our incredible membership.  

Talk about a Membership that Supports One Another!

Seminars on various topics

Seminar topics that are of interest to business owners.  We are sharing our expertise on topics for the benefit of other members.

Available in Different Chapters

Check back often to see what seminars are being offered and find one that is offered in your area.

Hosted and Sponsored by Members

We have collectively a great deal of expertise and experience in all things business related.  And we are giving it back to the community, member to member!

Popular Seminar Topics

Are you a specialist in any other area, that might benefit other members?  Would you like to share your knowledge?  Contact us!

Finance and Accounting

Are you a numbers hero, with great insight into the world of accounting or finance?  Are you interested in participating in a members-only seminar, by sharing that information to fellow members?


Have you developed a strong marketing campaign or have built out an incredible sales team?  Would you care to provide some do's and don'ts for others in the association?

IT and Systems Implementation 

Do you have some insight into some powerful technology that could benefit others in their day to day business activities?  Would you like to share that information in the form of a seminar?

Current Members Only Seminars

Below are some of the seminars that members are hosting.  Contact the member specific for details (date, time, location, seminar outline).  This will assist them in planning their seminars effectively.  This list is subject to change.
Not a member yet?  Or have you let your membership lapse?  No problem.  Reach out to Julie at Professional Pest Management and we will get you enrolled.
Point of Sale Programs and Terminals
Chapter 231
Dennis Warlinton
Budgeting and Forecast
Chapter 111
Wade Harvey
Business Tax
Chapter 231
Mike Jansen
Google Ads Management
Chapter 188
Gwen Peterson
CRM Software
Chapter 320
Glen Larose
Chapter 188
Denise Lewis
Workplace Ergonomics 
Chapter 231
Andrew Lewis
Marketing Strategies
Chapter 192
Brenda Kennedy
Email Campaigns and Strategies
Chapter 192
Dwight Jameson